Coconut shakes are the new bubble tea.

Following the brown sugar fresh milk bubble tea craze that hit Singapore and the rest of Asia back in 2018/2019, residents here have a new drink that’s causing queues — coconut shakes.

coconut shakes
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No one knows how or where it started: fresh coconuts have long been considered a crowd favourite drink in the tropical weather, but these milky white cups seem to have blown up on social media overnight. Legend even has it that the coco in coconut stands for coca*ne, which is what makes them so addictive (for legal reasons, this is a joke).

If you’re wondering where to get your hands on some, we’ve curated a list just for you.

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Read on for the best coconut shakes in Singapore –

Mr Coconut

If the snaking queues at Mr Coconut are any indicator, this is the top spot for a sip of the addictive coconut shake. The brand, which was an underground favourite for residents for many years, found itself all over Instagram and Tik Tok as of late, and users have even begun crafting their own Mr Coconut recipes at home to avoid the crowds. First-time drinkers should probably opt for the classic Coconut Shake when they’re here, though variations such as the Coconut Avocado Shake and the Coconut Oreo Shake have their fair share of fans as well.

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Those with a penchant for customisation will love the OG Coconut Shake from CocoBoss. Here, customers get to choose their desired sugar levels, just like in your bubble tea, and you can even pick between chunks or smaller pieces of coconut flesh. Besides the coconut shake, the Fresh Coconut Juice from CocoBoss is a great alternative, sans the milky texture.

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SF Singapore

You can’t miss SF Singapore, decked with tubes of colourful fruits that wind around its shopfront. While they were previously known for their fresh fruit juices, they’ve taken up the challenge with their own version of the coconut shake. While this version is not as thick as what we’re used to, the significantly lower sugar levels make it a refreshing take on the original coconut shake.

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Coco Nutnut

Can’t get enough of the crunchy coconut chunks inside the drink? The coconut shake at Coco Nutnut comes with a generous amount of coconut flesh with a ton of bite, making it a pleasant contrast to the creamy, tropical drink.

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We’ve been addicted to Co+Nut+ink’s coconut ice cream for the longest time, so it’s no surprise that the coconut shakes here are delicious too. The ice cream they use in their version of the coconut shake is made in-house, the same recipe from the famous JJCoco coconut ice cream at Chatuchak Bangkok. The best part? They have an outlet in Sentosa, perfect for any beachside picnic.

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