“More business decisions occur over lunch and dinner than at any other time, yet no MBA courses are given on the subject,” once said American management consultant Peter Drucker.

Indeed, the business lunch is a ritual no corporate world can do without. Whether it’s to welcome a new teammate, hosting a prospective client or entertaining an out of town associate – the business lunches in Singapore’s CBD would have you covered.

Call it gastrodiplomacy, but making decisions over a meal is a tradition that dates back to the era of cavemen. Think of how mankind would huddle around the hearth and devour entire flanks of meat.

In more recent times, researchers at the University of Chicago for instance found that people who ordered the same food registered higher levels of trust. Thankfully, this gels well with the business lunch menus that restaurants in Singapore’s CBD have in store.

They range from a time-honoured Chinese restaurant popular with C-suite executives to white table-clothed Italian spots and even a hip joint perfect to warm up new joiners. Most importantly, the menus are straightforward, neat (you don’t want to be sidestepping a potential mess) and come in only two or three variations so you won’t have to burn another minute trying to decide on what to eat.

These are just examples in our guide to the best business lunches in Singapore’s CBD and while it isn’t quite the MBA course that Drucker spoke of, we dare say it’s handy enough to take the mystery out of where to go when noon strikes.