The biannual 1855 The Bottle Shop’s Wine and Whisky Week returns for its fifth edition this summer, with 500 labels from 10 different countries you can shop across the 12-day exhibition.

Wine and Whisky Week is one of the biggest alcohol-related events in Singapore and remains an ideal occasion to line your booze cabinet shelves. The cup runneth over with options to shop, and if that doesn’t suffice, each new iteration brings something new to the local retail table as well. This year sees a number of exclusive debuts during the event, with stock allocated to 1855 The Bottle Shop only.

1855 the bottle shop wine and whisky week 2018
Vik’s La Piu Belle 2011 stands right out from the crowd.

If we had to pick some of the most exciting, then zoom straight to the La Piu Belle 2011 by up-and-coming winery Viña Vik — this full-bodied Chilean red blend dances on the palate with prominent notes of ripe berries and pepper, and comes bottled in an unmistakable vessel painted with a goddess.

1855 the bottle shop wine and whisky week 2018
Johnnie Walker’s Blue Label Ghost and Rare

Also noteworthy are Johnnie Walker’s new Blue Label Ghost and Rare, a slightly peated blend of eight grain and single malt whiskies, including three expressions from Brora, Cambus and Pittyvach, all of which are now-defunct distilleries.

There’s also Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio’s L’Andrea 2010, a spicy blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and Merlot grapes made in Umbria — a rising region slated to contend Tuscany’s dominance as Italy’s top producer of vino.

1855 the bottle shop wine and whisky week 2018
L’Andrea is also made with grapes harvested from the first zero greenhouse gas emissions farm in the world, for all you eco-conscious winos out there.

Aside from the sampling and shopping opportunities that abound, masterclasses will also be held across Wine and Whisky Week. This is the chance for consumers to get familiar with the inner workings of their favourite wines and spirits.

Some of these masterclasses also come with a launch of a fresh product, like the Ki No Bi Sei session on 19 May at 4pm, where La Maison du Whisky will introduce the new high ABV Japanese gin from Kyoto Distillery, alongside a sensorial journey through the 11 unique botanicals that go into a Ki No Bi gin.

1855 the bottle shop wine and whisky week 2018
Ki No Bi Sei is bottled at a heady 54 percent ABV.

Matthew Ferguson-Stewart of Glenfiddich will also host a talk about the influence of casks in whisky craft, which will be of particular interest to Scotch lovers, given the rise of unusual cask finishes taking place right now. Ferguson-Stewart will be speaking on 26 May at 4pm. The full masterclass schedule and ticket prices can be seen here.

Though masterclasses require payment, entrance to Wine and Whisky week is complimentary, and visitors are entitled to sample over a hundred different labels. Do you really need any more convincing?

1855 The Bottle Shop’s Wine and Whisky Week 2018 will be held from 17 to 27 May at Suntec City’s East Wing, Level 1 Atrium, open Thursday to Sunday, between 11am to 10pm.

(Featured image: @vik_wine)

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