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6 new cocktails from Taylor Adam and Manhattan to sip on this April 2022

New month, new drinks as we check out six new cocktails this April 2022 from Taylor Adam and Manhattan.

At the speakeasy-inside-a-tailor-shop in Raffles Place, their latest Chapter 2: Pride of the East menu looks to the colonial-era British trade routes in Asia. Ten new cocktails reference how the histories and cultures of India and Southeast Asia were shaped during this period through names, ingredients, presentation and flavours.

For the award-winning Manhattan at Regent Singapore, they continue their New York Personified menu with cocktails based on more iconic characters from the Big Apple. Drinks take cues from the lives, careers and quips of six people including Whoopi Goldberg, Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono and Joan Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Read on for more.

6 new cocktails to try this April 2022:

Taylor Adam

new cocktails april 2022 taylor adam
Nimbu Pani (Image credit: Taylor Adam)

Nimbu Pani

Like Singapore’s lime juice, India has its own rendition called nimbu pani, or Hindi for lemon water. Taylor Adam’s version combines Terai Gin with lemon, masala chaat (a spiced powder made primarily from dried mango and black salt), salt, black pepper and demerara syrup into a crisp, zesty highball with a spicy buzz.


Taiping Town (Image credit: Taylor Adam)

Taiping Town

Captain Tristram Speedy was an English explorer who helped settle rivalries in places like Sudan and founded Taiping in Perak, one of the oldest towns in Malaysia. Today, he finds himself as the face of Malaysian whiskey Timah, which joins rum and gin as the bones for this cocktail. The berry slushy-like drink blends its boozy companions well and appropriately channels Captain Speedy’s desire for peace. “We like to think this drink brings harmony to all spirits,” said head bartender Andrew Pang.


new cocktails april 2022 taylor adam
Pani Puri (Image credit: Taylor Adam)

Pani Puri

Shooters are not just a cause for regret at Taylor Adam, especially with the Pani Puri. The bar’s take of the popular Indian snack is a thin hollow sphere filled with spices, aromatics and potato crisps, which is served with a shot glass of vodka and more green aromatics and spices. Whether you choose to eat the puri then chase it with the shot, or pour the chutney in and consume the whole thing, it’s a lively, indulgent way of eating your vegetables and boozing too.



new cocktails april 2022 manhattan
Peas and Love (Image credit: Manhattan)

Yoko Ono – Peas and Love

Yoko Ono and controversy go together like, well, two peas in a pod. The vegetable was also the highlight of some of her performances where she used them as stage props, flung them at audiences and left them around New York for people to find. Likewise, Manhattan’s tribute cocktail puts peas on a pedestal with Japanese gin, cucumber, basil and soda for a cooling drink with exuberant green flavours.


new cocktails april 2022 manhattan
The Omega Glory (Image credit: Manhattan)

Whoopi Goldberg – The Omega Glory

Actor and humanitarian Whoopi Goldberg had a recurring cameo in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” where she played a bartender onboard the USS Enterprise. Manhattan claims that The Omega Glory was one of the drinks she created on the show, but there’s no record of it on the Captain’s logs (read: internet), so we’ll take their word for it. Still, it’s a fascinatingly smooth clarified milk punch with the aroma of raisins and the toastiness of American oak whiskey. As a certain Klingon would say, it’s “a warrior’s drink.”


Silver Factory (Image credit: Manhattan)

Silver Factory

The Silver Factory was Andy Warhol’s New York City studio, which the artist and pop culture icon covered in reflective surfaces. Similarly, this cocktail shines with the bright, saline notes of hay-infused tequila blanco and zesty chinotto liqueur. Caraway syrup underlines it with a nutty, bittersweet sharpness.


Taylor Adam is located at 1 Raffles Pl, #01-03, Singapore 048616. Book here.

Manhattan is located at 1 Cuscaden Rd, Level 2 Regent Singapore, Singapore 249715. Book here.

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