In an age that’s incessantly mechanised, one often finds stories of craftsmanship slowly becoming obsolete plaguing the Internet. Whether it is the local hawker trade, or more obscure avenues such as weaving, these stories serve a poignant reminder. Technology may be king, but absolving ourselves of authentic, hand-and-heart forms of craft leads to an irreplaceable dearth in tradition.

The folks at The Balvenie understand this, and their Connoisseurs of Craft initiative takes great measures to celebrate craftsmanship by hosting various interesting workshops at The Refinery. With the movement already underway, those interested can expect to learn new and fascinating skills from young craftsmen over the next three weeks.

balvenie Connoisseurs of Craft 2017
As the saying goes.

On 10 June, Cherin Sim will be teaching consumers the art of marquage. If you’ve ever seen Goyard or Louis Vuitton goods with personalised monograms, that’s exactly what a marquage is.

Following Sim, industrial designer Olivia Lee will be showcasing the art of making candy by hand on 24 June. Capping off Connoisseurs of Craft is Ewe Jin Tee, a calligrapher who’ll be hosting a sign-painting workshop, to teach patrons how to create personalised signs.

balvenie Connoisseurs of Craft 2017
Put those hands to work over the next few weekends.

These four artists will also create a series of projects for The Balvenie, such as branded furniture that customers can interact with in the future. It is with great hopes that the scheme will bring the spirit of crafting back to the heart of Southeast Asia, especially since the brand is so dedicated to the intricacies of craft itself. The Balvenie holds the title of The World’s Most Handcrafted Single Malt after all, doing everything from growing its own barley, to having a coppersmith tend the stills.

If you’re keen to do something interesting this weekend, set aside a day to book yourself a slot at any of these classes.

Beatrice Bowers
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