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The best coffee subscription services to get in Singapore

Coffee is a convenience, but going to cafés to get your fix may not be. Because we won’t wish caffeine withdrawal on our worst enemy, we’d like to direct your attention to coffee subscription boxes in Singapore.

A number of local coffee roasters have made coffee subscription boxes a part of their M.O., allowing coffee consumers of all persuasions to be able to sample a broad array of roasts and flavours in a reliable manner. Whether you fall into the I’m-just-here-for-the-caffeine category, the “haaaaaaave you met my Nespresso machine” clan, or the natural process coffee cult that makes every cup with a scale, there is a coffee subscription service out there tailor-made for you.

Another silver lining to signing up for one of these is that you’re helping to keep a small local business afloat, so it’s quality coffee with two scoops of good karma.

From heritage roasters to new names, we have a selection of the best coffee subscription services in Singapore for you to peruse. Most of these companies make their roasts available in drip bags, grounds, whole beans or pods, so it’s quite literally coffee any way you want it.

Perk Coffee has an entire roster of ethically sourced roasts available, garnered from around the globe, available in a variety of formats, with decaf options as well. Perk Coffee’s subscription service is extremely customisable, right down to the number of bags you want at a time, how often you want it, what you’re making the coffee with, to what day of the week you’d like to have it. Prices begin at S$17 for a bag of 250g grounds. There’s no minimum commitment period to a subscription.

The speciality blends available from Hook Coffee are approachable for anyone, even if you don’t know a thing about coffee and its accompanying jargon. Expressions in its expansive range all come with tongue-in-cheek names and tasting notes that span earl grey to watermelon candy, and is accompanied by acidity rankings, the origin and a roast date. Limited edition roasts are also available for order, though these are seasonal. Subscription prices vary according to your selection, and frequencies can also be adjusted.

Coffee stalwart Common Man Coffee Roaster is more than just a café and an academy, it also offers subscription boxes that come with a brewing tool, filter papers and your ground of choice. The three sets are designed to cater to your coffee making method of choice, be it press, drip or ground. There is a minimum subscription window of 8 to 12 weeks, however, depending on the pack you choose.

With a focus on 100 percent Arabica coffees sourced from around the world, Cowspresso is a homegrown coffee roaster that prides itself on its artisanal selection. Blends are sourced globally, though, in the spirit of keeping things truly local, there’s even a Nanyang Kopi Roast for fans of a classic kopi. One-time subscriptions begin at S$14, and deliveries are available at seven-day intervals.

Tiong Hoe began as a wholesaler run by Mr Tan Tiong Hoe, a man who has been in the coffee business for over 50 years. It has since branched out into offering delivery services for its coffees, spanning over 20 origins. For subscriptions, only three are available, so this is perfect for those keen to keep things simple: a house espresso blend, a single origin espresso blend and a filter blend.  Prices are from $140 for four months, with two bags of 250g each delivered every month.

Nylon Coffee is a café and a roaster that ticks all the boxes when it comes to ethically-sourced coffee. All the beans are procured from relationships cultivated with small farmers abroad, and every blend you choose has detailed information into the who, the what and the where of the coffee, from bean to bag. Subscription starts at S$20 a month.

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Formerly known as Papa Pahelta Coffee, PPP Coffee is a local roaster that supplies to Chye Seng Huat Hardware store, for those who might be familiar with the café. Subscriptions are monthly or on a flexible basis, beginning at S$48 a month. The roaster is also having an initiative called Send-A-Brew, where you can mail an at-home brew kit to people you love as a care package.

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