What could possibly make celebrating Father’s Day or watching the Euro 2020 in this sweltering heat infinitely better, you ask?

Why, an ice-cold bottle of beer, of course. Unlike your regular brand-name brews, however, we want to spotlight craft beers here, because if you’re going to be having one, might as well make the calories count with only the best ones.

The booming brewing scene here means that you’re not only exposed to great international labels, but also get to enjoy the best that Singapore has to offer. With the highly anticipated football season (and Father’s day preparations) well underway, there’s never been a bigger demand for craft beer deliveries in Singapore, especially with the restaurant and bar restrictions today.

Whether you want to get adventurous with cult labels or want to show your support for local breweries with made-in-Singapore flavours, here’s where you can get your favourite craft beers delivered right to your doorstep in Singapore.


If you’re the adventurous sort who thrives on discovering a different craft beer every day, Temple Cellars’ immense collection has your back. Besides its Euro 2020 packs, the online retailer also offers the chance for you to create your own line-up with international labels like Pirate Life and Sierra Nevada, from a range that spans from lagers and stouts to IPAs. If you prefer the familiarity of local brews, hit up labels like Off Day Beer Company and Sunbird Brewing instead. The former has a collaboration with pizza parlour Lucali BYGB that’s available on the e-store.

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Local brewery Rye & Pint knows a thing or two about creating a damn good brew, and besides its well-loved core range also offers delectable seasonals that always impress. If you can’t decide, hit up popular icons such as the refreshing Punchin’ Rye Pale Ale or fruity Trippin’ Wheat Ale. The craft beers here are available in a pack of six ($40), or in a carton of 24 (from S$135), and will be delivered free for orders above S$80.

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With over 500 unique beers at affordable prices, Thirsty is clearly all about flavour and choices. As Singapore’s largest online craft beer store, expect to see brews that herald from Hawaii to Achouffe in Belgium, each classified according to flavour profiles for easy shopping according to your preferences. You won’t have to spend a fortune on these special brews either; Thirsty’s belief that good beer shouldn’t be exorbitant means that you wont break the bank with whichever you choose.

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For beers that truly complement the local hawker fare that Singapore is so known for today, The 1925 Brewing Co. has an arsenal that incorporates familiar flavours like chrysanthemum and kaya toast into their bottled brews. If you choose to stick to the classics, however, our votes go to Yellow Van and the Small Monster — both a testament to the brand’s expertise in creating stellar session beers. 

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It’s no secret that Australia’s responsible for some of the best craft breweries that exist today. Those looking to elevate their beer-drinking game with some specialty brews from Down Under will appreciate Craftbrother’s dedication to bringing only the best to town. The establishment’s relationships with these producers also means that only the freshest beer is set aside for them.  We’re particular impartial to small-batch labels like Shedshaker Brewing (surprisingly well-suited for Singaporean dishes like laksa and chilli crab) and Bright Brewery (a sustainable option that utilises the snow-fed water in the region).

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Can’t get enough of locally brewed craft beers but want the convenience of ordering them from the same store? This 16-tap craft beer store at Haji Lane also has an e-store with a wonderful selection of these Singaporean gems, whether it’s from The General Brewing Co., That Singapore Beer Project, or Rye & Pint. Most of the offerings here are tapped into 640ml bombers upon ordering and then delivered in an hour, which means you’ll get extra fresh beer no matter where you are. Order three and you’ll enjoy free delivery.

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If your love for Korea runs deeper than K-dramas and Blackpink, then this one’s for you. Inspired by their appreciation for the Korean craft beer scene during their time there, the founders of Juju Brews sought to bring the same offerings to local shores by sourcing directly from craft breweries in Korea. Establishments such as Budnamu Brewery and Playground Brewery take inspiration from the country’s rich culture to produce stellar beers in eye-catching packaging.

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