Gin has gone from experiencing a renaissance to a firm favourite amongst many drinkers over the past five years. The clear spirit, characterised by the botanicals that compose it, is one of the easiest bases to spin into a crowd-pleasing cocktail, which doubles down on its appeal.

You don’t need many ingredients to enhance its appeal. The classic G&T has two, at most three ingredients, and so does a martini, a negroni, a gimlet and much, much more. The versatility of gin demands that the spirit owns shelf-space on your home bar, though the broad array of types and labels on the market may cause confusion, especially if your gin know-how doesn’t extend beyond a London Dry with a splash of tonic and ice.

Here’s our guide to the essential gin types you ought to purchase, along with the labels we love. Get yourself a couple, or even better, get them all.