Speakeasy concept bars have taken to Singapore like a moth to an oversaturated flame. Hidden bars used to be something of an exciting novelty, where trying to locate each new watering hole led one on a treasure hunt towards Prohibition Era-inspired swank and fantastic cocktails. Now, nearly every new bar is marketed as a speakeasy, so what makes the real deal?

We’re looking for bars that don’t have ubiquitous shopfronts. The harder to spot, the better. They don’t have to harken back to America in the ’20s, but they’ve got to embody the spirit of Boardwalk Empire-esque drinking joints, defined by a tincture of glamour and dimly-lit mystery. Most importantly, any secret booze den has to have serious mixology chops and liquor expertise.

To help you cut through the fat, we’ve rounded up a list of local hidden bars truly worth the hype.