Singapore has been riding on the hallyu (K-wave) bandwagon for nearly half a decade now, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Over the past couple of years, Korean barbecuefried chicken and hotpot restaurants, as well as Korean-fusion cuisine have become more ubiquitous. Streets like Tanjong Pagar Road are saturated with Korean eateries at every corner, making for easy pickings should you want to satisfy yourself with some bulgogi or army stew.

Korean bars, on the flipside, remain a less prominent presence. While you can grab a bottle or two of soju at any Korean restaurant worth its kimchi, finding a dedicated bar that serves varieties of Korean-style drinks can be a challenge. We’ve overcome that hurdle for you by locating a handful of our favourite K-bars in town.

Ranging from fusion drinks to buzzy dive pubs, here are the best Korean bars in Singapore you should visit.