Scotch, rye, the gentlemen’s drink, the water of life — whisky goes by many affectionate names, appealing to a broad variety of drinkers. There are some that argue whisky should be drunk neat, on the rocks at the most. Others prefer to defy this puritanism by drinking their scotch with soda (but for the love of god, not Coca-Cola), or have the complex liquor mixed into a cocktail.

The variegated spirit beckons an infinite amount of exploration, from collecting to masterclasses and distillery visits, but there’s arguably no better place to enjoy it than at a quality whisky bar.

Singapore is chock-full of whisky bars celebrating the malt liquor. It’s not difficult to find a watering hole that hosts a healthy selection of tasting drams. But there are some places that take it to another level by pairing staggering whisky options with a unique concept, making them a cut above. Here are our favourite whisky bars.