Even if your cocktail knowledge is hazy, you definitely know the Old Fashioned. This quintessential whisky-based beverage has an everlasting appeal because its flavours are complex for how simple the recipe is. The combination of whisky, bitters, sugar, ice and citrus are a welcome hit to most of your tongue’s taste receptors, and also, the spot.

While the Old Fashioned is an easy go-to for many, fans of the drink may often wonder if there is more to the world of whisky cocktails than this, while keeping within a similar profile. The answer is yes (obviously), so let us take you through our favourite whisky cocktails to order the next time you want to venture past your comfort zone. It’s also useful if the bar you’re at doesn’t have a rendition of the Old Fashioned available. That is a highly unlikely scenario, but it’s always good to be prepared for the worst, especially if you can’t leave said Old Fashioned-less bar for elsewhere — a coping strategy we would typically recommend.