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Giveaway: Booze up this New Year’s

So while we just concluded our biggest Christmas giveaway, the festive period here at Lifestyle Asia still isn’t over yet. With the New Year just round the corner this weekend, we’re partnered up with our friends over at La Maison du Whisky and William Grant & Sons to help you booze up your countdown parties with a carefully selected curation of whiskies, gins, and rum for all your alco-holiday needs. Be it a small affair with those near and dear or a gathering of acquaintances far and wide, we hope that we can help you ring in 2018 with a fantastic time, courtesy of our favourite social lubricants.

Here’s how to win:

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Terms & Conditions:

  1. This contest is only open to Singaporean citizens and permanent residents over the age of 18.
  2. Participants must have fulfilled all the conditions of the giveaway by 31 December 2017 2359hrs GMT+8.
  3. Conditions include liking both the Lifestyle Asia Singapore Facebook page and Facebook post, sharing the Facebook post, tagging three friends, and being subscribed to our newsletter.
  4. 10 winners will be selected at random by Lifestyle Asia Singapore, and will be contacted by 2 January 2018 by private message or email.
  5. Prizes cannot be exchanged for money or transferred to third parties.
  6. Lifestyle Asia Singapore reserves the right to modify or cancel the giveaway at any time.

Old Pulteney 17 Year Old

While the Old Pulteney distillery has always been in the shadow of other whisky titles, its almost 200 years of heritage makes it deserving of its own place among the greats. Bottled in the Pulteney distillery located in North-East Scotland, the 17-year-old has notes of soft whirling smoke and crème fraîche with a lovely creaminess to the nose, finishing off long with a herbal edge and chewy oak.

Benromach 15 Year Old

The smallest working distillery in Speyside, Benromach had a eventful history spanning its nearly 120 years making whisky. But it roared back to life in 1998 with a celebratory opening that had Prince Charles officiating the occasion. The 15-year-old is aged in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks, giving it a luscious and rich taste with notes of fruit cake, plums, and cocoa.

Glenfiddich 12 Year Old Gift Box

A household brand that many of us have sitting at home on our bar tops, Glenfiddich is one of the world’s most awarded single malt whisky, and to top it off it is one of the last few remaining family-run distilleries around. In this gift box contains a bottle of their signature 12-year-old creation that is distinctively fresh and fruity with a hint of pear in its nose, and two glasses for you to savour the fine nectar.

Amrut Fusion Whisky

When we say whisky, we think ‘Scotland’. But the Amrut distillery in India is set on changing the status quo one bottle at a time. The Fusion is created from a mix of 75% unpeated Indian barley and 25% peated Scottish barley that boasts a remarkable maturity despite its young age of around 5 years, thanks to accelerated ageing triggered by semi-tropical temperatures.

Kavalan King Car Conductor Whisky

Taiwan is not just famed for its food: the family-owned distillery Kavalan is the first from the nation, breaking the many conceptions the world had about whisky. Headed by Master Distiller Ian Chang, the R&D team from the fledgling whisky maker created the King Car whisky as a homage to their founder, Mr. Tien-Tsai Lee, the founder of the King Car conglomerate. This single malt is complex and well-balanced despite its young age, and is characterised by notes of exotic fruits.

Monkey Shoulder Gift Box

For those new to the world of whisky, the blended malt whisky from Monkey Shoulder is the perfect introduction. Made from three different whiskies – Glenfiddich, Balvenie, and Kininvie, this blend is smooth, sweet, and easy with any mix of cocktail. This gift box comes with a bottle of Monkey Shoulder and a tote bag with the signature Monkey Shoulder motif.

Kyrö Napue Gin

When the sauna is integral to Finnish culture, you can be sure that great ideas will be born amongst the remnants of sweat. A fine example of this would be the Kyrö distillery that was formed thanks to a shared love of rye whiskey. But today it’s all about their Napue gin that is made with locally foraged fresh botanicals, leaving your tongue with flavours of kiwi in a full bodied herbal flavour that ends with notes of pepper of rye.

Hendrick’s Gin Gift Box

The gin housed in the iconic apothecary-style dark brown bottle has been the principal ingredient in many a cocktail since it launched in 1999. Despite the spirit’s origin in London, Hendrick’s is a gin that is distilled in Scotland, chosen for its soft lowland water that provides a perfect medium for the grain spirit and botanical palettes. This gift box includes a set of Hendrick’s Gin playing cards for all your debaucherous games.

Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin

Sake is not Japan’s only liquor export. The Ki No Bi distillery has been making gin at its Kyoto site for only the past two years. Their first product, the Kyoto Dry Gin, is made with ingredients that are unique to the region: Yellow yuzu, Japanese cypress, green tea, bamboo, and sanso berries (Japanese peppercorn). Your guests will love the warming and spicy G&T’s that are coming their way.

Chalong Bay Rum

The lovechild of a couple who bonded over rum, Chalong Bay is Phuket’s only working distillery. Already gaining much traction within the international spirits community, the Chalong Bay Rum is made with 100% sugarcane, giving it a lingering and powerful profile and aromas of fresh sugar cane and agave juice.

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