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At Brass Lion Distillery’s Gin School, you can be your own master distiller

When Brass Lion Distillery made its debut last year, it aimed to be far more than just a homegrown gin producer. One of the major plans founder Jamie Koh intended for the distillery to have was a DIY studio, where patrons could come and experience distilling their own gin hands-on. It took some time to get past the governmental red tape (as it always does in Singapore), but the distillery’s Gin School is finally open for enrollment.

A small room adjacent to the bar holds ten mini copper pot sills, each parked on a work station that will be your playground for the three-hour gin-making class. While Brass Lion Distillery offers recipes for you to model your personalised gin after, the opportunity to trawl through its drawers, trays and vials of botanicals to craft your own spirit’s profile is the way to go. The spread ranges from teas, spices, herbs grown fresh from the garden within the distillery’s compounds, and citrus fruits. Choose as little or as many to flavour your gin, then head back to your work station to put those ingredients together and pen your recipe down. If you’re not the most confident in your palate, or all too confident, as some are, the person in charge of the Gin School will help temper your recipe to before it goes in the still.

After the development, it is a waiting game of watching the still until the pristine liquid is ready to be collected. The collection process takes a little over an hour, but Koh dubs this “the fun part” because it is where participants get to enjoy a cocktail of their choice, aside from regularly tasting your own liquor to make sure its taste doesn’t go awry.

When the final product has been collected, you select what alcohol-by-volume percentage you’d like it to be. It gets diluted, then poured in a standard 500ml bottle, and you get to name your gin by penning it down on a custom Gin School label. To make sure you really like your creation, the school ends with a graduation gin and tonic made with the fruits of your labour.

brass lion distillery gin school
The resulting bottle. Participants can choose from a navy blue or a cream coloured label. (Photo credit: Beatrice Bowers/ Lifestyle Asia)

Education is best when it is fun, and even better when it involves alcohol and the prospect to create your own (or so we say). Brass Lion Distillery’s Gin School is a workshop everyone who enjoys gin should try out, as it offers a different perspective when you’re behind the production line, with free rein to create your one-of-a-kind expression.

Sign-ups are now open on the website, with the workshop launching over the National Day 2019 weekend. Each session is priced at S$198 a person.

Click here to register for a Gin School session.

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