If there’s one thing that we truly miss about Japan, it’s the good times that the many izakayas there never fail to bring. 

Yet with travel at a standstill, the next best thing during this relentless pandemic is to bring the entire experience to your home, and it starts with the best sakes that can be delivered to you.

Like beer and wine, the rice-based elixir has a plethora of types and variations that can be complex and confusing to navigate. Sake can typically be classified by several factors, including the type of rice used, where it was produced, how much the rice has been polished, its brewing processes, and even how it was filtered. This usually determines if the sake is light and fruity, or complex and silky. 

if you’re already intimidated by the complexities, we’re here to help. If you’re ready to start reliving the izakaya conviviality at home but have no idea where to start, here are the best sakes deliveries in Singapore to try today.


Named after the late Professor Yasuyoshi Hayata of Meiji University, who developed a unique CO2 micro-bubble sterillization process that revolutionised the production process of sake, this brew promises a silky smooth mouthfeel with fresh hits of peach and muscat grapes. The incredible harmony of taste and flavour here has made this sake one of the best Asahi Shuzo has claimed its ever made.

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Perfect for anything from fancy dates to everyday celebrations, this sparkling sake is made entirely from rice, koji, and water to give bright aromas of peach, ripe persimmon, and freesia. The fruitiness is balanced with a clear, crisp acidity that complements the gentle effervescence. This easy drink is best enjoyed straight from the chiller to bring out its flavours of pear and peach.

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It’s not only streetwear that Pharrell Williams and Nigo (of A Bathing Ape) have been busy with; the duo also count a sake under their collective name too. Sake Storm Cowboy is a co-produced beverage that’s rife with aromas of apple and flavours like juicy muscat and melon, and has a soft sweetness reminiscent of Wasanbon and steamed coconut rice. This limited edition brew — made in the Yamaguchi Prefecture — even won the gold medal in the Sake category at the International Wine Challenge 2020.

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Produced in the Niigata Prefecture — a snowy, mountainous place where the sake is known for being clean, crisp and dry — this option is incredibly versatile with its rice-cake aroma and subtle flavours of vanilla and wild herbs, before culminating in a refreshing finish. Because it can be served warm or chilled, expect it to pair well with a variety of foods, from cold sashimi to rich, creamy dishes.

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Kikusui Perfect Snow

With its silky, creamy texture and delicious flavours of vanilla, coconut, and rice, Perfect Snow is one of the best Nigoris (or “cloudy” sake) out there. Unlike your traditional sakes, this unfiltered sake is opaque with a light, milky colour, and despite being luxuriously textured is crisp on the finish to prevent that dreaded cloying feeling. This sweet sake is versatile enough to be had with greasy dishes, clean Japanese fare, or even as dessert.  

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