Chivas Regal wants to amp up your Scotch education with its brand new online masterclass that zones in on how to blend your own whisky at home.

Hosted on Zoom and led by brand ambassador Matthew Parry, the virtual masterclass teaches you the art of blending whisky by first paying homage to a Chivas Regal classic — the 12 Year Old. Parry will take you through the iconic expression and dive deep into what makes the 12 Year Old such a signature, before giving you the lowdown on how to compose your own Scotch.

Chivas Regal 12 blend your own whisky
The 12 Year Old. (Photo credit: Chivas Regal)

Information is key, but so are the tools of the trade, and for that, Chivas Regal has put together a Blending Kit ($50) that you can purchase to tackle the masterclass hands-on.

The kit comes with a miniature bottle of the Chivas Regal 12 Years Old, alongside five 5cl bottles of single malt and blended grain whiskies, each representing a flavour profile, from fruity to floral to smoky. Parry takes you through each while explaining the technicalities of how to blend your own whisky with the five.

blend you own whisky chivas regal
The blending kit. (Photo credit: Chivas Regal/Unsplash)

You really get full rein to create your idea of the perfect blend with the components, adjusting the ratios to achieve balance between your notes of choice. A pipette, a beaker and an empty bottle are also included in the kit for you to work with.

Where to register

The masterclasses are complimentary, though if you feel uncomfortable being on camera with Zoom, Chivas Regal will also be livestreaming the session on its Facebook page for you to tune in to. The next session is on 22 May at 8pm, and if you can’t make it for that round, stay tuned to their feed for more updates on sessions. Register for the masterclass here.

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