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Singaporean distillers Compendium branch out into making vodka from mead

Singaporean distillery Compendium’s “all things local” approach to distilling has seen the brand grow from chendol and rojak gins, kopi and teh-o liqueurs, and now, a vodka distilled from mead and infused with spices beloved by Singaporeans.

Compendium founder, Simon Zhao, also runs Rachelle The Rabbit, a local meadery. This new vodka, named Straits Vodka, is a nod to that given that the spirit sees distilled mead made from Southeast Asian wildflower honey as its base.

Using honey, instead of cereal or potatoes as the base, gives the vodka a purportedly softer, more rounded and floral profile that is unlike anything available in the market right now. The mead also lends the vodka a deliciously creamy mouthfeel, rather than the thin and lean profile we’re so accustomed to from mass-market brands.

Photo credit: Compendium

Accentuating the honey are spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, all foraged regionally. Both are also infused into the spirit post-distillation and give heft to the floral base spirit. Together, spice and honey work hand-in-hand to create a vodka worth sipping neat or on the rocks to enjoy. The brand also recommends you enjoy the spirit as a martini, with just a touch of vermouth.

The final product is bottled at 40 percent ABV, and sold in 500ml bottles for S$88 here.

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