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Bring dad on a whisky journey through Scotland with Diageo’s exclusive workshop

There are few gifts more uninspiring on Father’s Day than a necktie or a card. Besides, when is dad going to wear those new shirts you’re planning on ordering him this year, especially when dining out isn’t even an option?

If your dad is the type of man who appreciates the occasional nightcap, has a keen sense of adventure, and is always up for new experiences, Diageo Rare and Exceptional has put together a little something for your hero: An exclusive tasting and appreciation workshop that will take him on an incredible journey to the Four Corners of Scotland with some of the rarest and most iconic whiskies in hand.

(Image credit: BK/Unsplash)

Led by one of three Diageo Rare and Exceptional Scotch whisky experts — including Adam Brewer, who has close to two decades of experience — the virtual session will give dad the opportunity to learn, taste, and own these exceptional whiskies. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask the most burning of questions while learning about different whisky regions, distilleries, and taste profiles too. 

To make the experience extra memorable, the one-hour virtual session will take place on Father’s Day itself (21 June) from 6pm — 7pm. Four limited 70cl bottles of exquisite spirits will be delivered the day before as part of the S$850 gift package.

Lagavulin 12-year-old. (Image credit: Diageo)

The whiskies selected have been carefully curated to represent Scotland’s finest. The Lagavulin 12-year-old represents Islay, a reigning monarch off the west coast of Scotland when it comes to peaty single malt whiskies. Released in 2018 as one of the Diageo Special Releases, the Scotch was matured in American Oak hogsheads to give off smouldering notes of bonfire embers with fresh citrusy flavours.

Cardhu 14-year-old. (Image credit: Diageo)

Over half of Scotland’s distilleries might reside in Speyside, but Cardhu remains to be its most well-loved for being able to capture the sweet and deliciously mellow aromas that the region has come to be known for. The Cardhu 14-year-old is a special release that’s been double matured in ex-Amontillado sherry hogsheads to achieve an elegantly soft and fruitier character.

The Talisker 15. (Image credit: Diageo)

The Talisker 15 is the first ever release of Talisker as a 15-year-old Scotch and is matured only in freshly charred American oak hogshead. Hand selected by Master Blender Dr. Craig Wilson, the expression is a heartwarming blend of spice, sweetness, and smokiness that’s punctuated by hints of the sea, courtesy of its distillery’s coastal location on the Isle of Skye.

Singleton 18-year-old. (Image credit: Diageo)

Lastly, the Singleton 18-year-old heralds from the The Singleton of Glen Ord distillery in the Scottish Highlands, and is the only remaining single malt scotch whisky distillery on the Black Isle. The complex and exclusive expression is delightful blend of rich fruit and spice aromas that point to the region’s penchant for versatility thanks to its diverse landscapes.

To enjoy complimentary delivery on 20 June, place your order by 15 June 2020 by emailing PrivateClientSG@Diageo.com with the subject “Father’s Day 2020”. The Private Client Team will then get in touch with you. 

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