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Dom Pérignon launches the Plenitude 2 Vintage 2003 in Singapore

Champagne has always represented a time of celebration, of impeccable nights with some of your favourite people around.

If you’re looking for a splendid one out, we’ve got just the thing for you. Champagne brand Dom Pérignon has just launched its Plénitude 2 Vintage 2003 in Singapore.

For the uninitiated, Dom Pérignon has been and is always a vintage champagne brand, championing bottles that can only be produced from the grapes of a single year. It takes no fewer than eight years for the bottles to reach its aesthetic ideal, polished by the active transformation of the yeast in the darkness of the cellars of France.

Dom Pérignon Plenitude 2 Vintage 2003

The Plénitude 2 Vintage 2003 marks a significant year of champagne for vineyards across the region. Climate change had caused a fatal frost that resulted in a 70-percent loss of potential chardonnay grape harvest that year, followed by an unforgettable heatwave in the summer.

In spite of the challenging conditions, Dom Pérignon was relentless in its commitment to the vintage — which, as we now know, paid off. The steadfast dedication had resulted in a bold, creative expression of wine that few vineyards had managed to interpret. For the first time in the Maison’s history, juice was allowed to oxidise and darken in the press, which lightened the overly imposing tannic structure. The pinot noir was then increased to previously untried proportions in the assemblage in order to balance the chardonnays, dreaming up a character that was more Burgundy than Champagne.

Dom Pérignon Plenitude 2 Vintage 2003

While it took eight years of elaboration for the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2003 to reach its desired harmony, it took yet another 17 years of maturation to elevate the luxurious cuvée to its second life. This subsequent expression of the champagne unfurls a whole host of flavours and aromas. On the nose, ripe meaty apricot comes to mind, followed by the candied fruitiness of raspberry and fig. Here, the minerality of the vintage is magnified, elongated with a bitter finish.

The risk of Dom Pérignon has certainly proved to be our reward, for this limited-quantity, beautiful harmony of a drink proves that the Maison certainly knows what it takes create a masterful harmony with whatever nature brings. Find out more about the cuvée here.

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