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Everything you need to know about the East Imperial Gin Jubilee 2019

Few cocktails are as crowd-pleasing as a gin-and-tonic. The gin renaissance across the past half a decade has also added to the ubiquitousness of the cocktail. Not only are gin and tonics present at ever bar, but there are also entire establishments dedicated to the humble two-ingredient drink, and an annual festival that celebrates the cocktail: the East Imperial Gin Jubilee.

The East Imperial Gin Jubilee 2019 marks the seventh time the festival has arrived in Singapore, following stints in Kuala Lumpur and New Zealand. 33 bars are participating in this edition, which runs till 14 December, each of them contributing their own version of a well-crafted gin and tonic. The motivation behind this slew of dedicated cocktails is that each bar is striving to win the title of “best gin and tonic”, judged by a panel of experts, and you.

East Imperial
East Imperial Tonic Water. (Photo credit: East Imperial)

The complete list of bars are available on the East Imperial Gin Jubilee website, along with the contest mechanics of how you too can contribute to the judging, but rest assured the line-up is a power-packed one. Award-winning stalwarts like Atlas, Manhattan and Tippling Club share space with local icons like Employees Only, Anti:dote, Origin Bar and much, much more.

Each of these institutions partners itself with a gin brand that span globally-recognised names like Botanist and Monkey 47, to indie and homegrown labels, like Okinawa Gin, Compendium, Tanglin and Brass Lion Distillery.

Jam by Siri House east imperial gin jubilee
Jam by Siri House. (Photo credit: Jam by Siri House)

Rounding off the entirety of the gin-based festivities is the annual East Imperial Gin Lane party at Jam by Siri House on 14 December, from 6pm to 11pm.

All participating labels will have small pop-up bars on location, each of them presenting a specialised gin-and-tonic, available for S$12 nett across the board. Expect tons of drinks, good vibes and the opportunity to witness which bar earns the bragging rights for the best gin and tonic for 2019.

If you love gin and a good time, you better mark the East Imperial Gin Jubilee 2019 down on your calendars.

Beatrice Bowers
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