The gin renaissance has restored the spirit’s top-shelf status, and with this unquestionable prominence comes a demand from consumers to know more about it. The Edinburgh Whisky Academy, one of Scotland’s most established whisky education centres, has decided to meet this increased demand for gin-related knowledge by launching the world’s first diploma in gin.

world's first gin diploma
Such a diploma comes at a time when gin is a spirit no longer defined by the prerequisites of London, dryness and juniper berries. Take for example, Ki No Bi, a pioneering Japanese craft gin that has become a global sensation.

The diploma course, which begins on 19 April this year, is a one-day-only affair taught by gin specialist Geraldine Coates at the Academy. Its in-depth syllabus contains six modules, spanning the convoluted history of gin, its rise and fall, what gin is today, its distillation process, and how to taste as well as mix cocktails with the botanical-focused spirit.

A guest distiller will also appear during the course to share firsthand knowledge of the craft behind gin to participants. There are no prerequisites to being a part of this course, so anyone from a brand ambassador to a gin enthusiast can qualify.

In contrast to the other alcohol education certifications, like those offered by the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET), the diploma in gin is far less mentally-taxing, with no exams or blind tastings to weigh you down. It does take travelling to Edinburgh to get qualified though, so the next time you’re travelling there, this makes the trip extra-worthwhile.

Beatrice Bowers
Features Editor
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