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Gallery: Whisky Live 2017 returned for its biggest instalment yet

There is one weekend a year when the entire country professes its love for whisky more than it already does, and that’s when Whisky Live swings round. The annual festival took place from 25 to 26 November this year at two places in the Mohamed Sultan neighbourhood: The TheatreWorks building, and the STPI Gallery.

The event spaces played host to a number of masterclasses, during which some exclusive spirits were launched in Southeast Asia for the first time, such as the new Nikka Coffey Gin and Vodka, as well as Old Pulteney’s 1983 expression. Art exhibitions focused on the craft behind spirits, were also a unique touch to this Whisky Live’s fringe events. Its two pinnacles, however, were the Whisky Live cocktail street, and the Collector Room. While the latter was to be expected — since it is where all the rarest spirits call port each year — the former proved a fun addition to the annual revelry.

Robertson Quay was taken over by pop-up versions of Singapore’s most popular bars, each flaunting exclusive whisky-based cocktails mixed up for the weekend only. The event’s organisers introduced the stretch as a novel, accessible way for the masses to engage in whisky appreciation, and it worked.

In case you missed the event, or want to relive its magic, here is everything that went down at Whisky Live 2017.

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