Picture this: you’re at a party you’ve looked forward to throwing. Like any amiable host, you’ve stocked your fridge and bar with just enough, and you’re mingling, making sure everyone has their glasses filled. After an hour, you head to the kitchen and realised you’ve completely underestimated the liqour-inhaling capabilities of your friends. Cut to you opening the fridge door to find that you’ve run dry, and the Kill Bill sirens start to play. Thus the question: what do you do when you’re trying to get through a 20-people strong gathering in your cramped apartment with less than a thimble of wine in your system because you tried to be a good host? Alcohol delivery services have got your back.

It’s a severely underrated service, in our humble opinion. You dial a number, and the party is resurrected in the time it takes for half a sh*tty Christmas movie. While Singapore has a handful of alcohol delivery services that are pretty under the radar, we’ve chosen five of our favourites, each catered to a specific boozy preference.

Cheers to a merrier Christmas ahead.