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Dial it: 5 alcohol delivery services in Singapore

Picture this: you’re at a party you’ve looked forward to throwing. Like any amiable host, you’ve stocked your fridge and bar with just enough, and you’re mingling, making sure everyone has their glasses filled. After an hour, you head to the kitchen and realised you’ve completely underestimated the liqour-inhaling capabilities of your friends. Cut to you opening the fridge door to find that you’ve run dry, and the Kill Bill sirens start to play. Thus the question: what do you do when you’re trying to get through a 20-people strong gathering in your cramped apartment with less than a thimble of wine in your system because you tried to be a good host? Alcohol delivery services have got your back.

It’s a severely underrated service, in our humble opinion. You dial a number, and the party is resurrected in the time it takes for half a sh*tty Christmas movie. While Singapore has a handful of alcohol delivery services that are pretty under the radar, we’ve chosen five of our favourites, each catered to a specific boozy preference.

Cheers to a merrier Christmas ahead.

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If a wealth of options and the best prices on the market are what you’re after, then Paneco.com is your one-stop shop for all things boozy. The fresh player in our local alcohol delivery scene has risen to the top of the game with its competitive retail model and the sheer volume of brands they carry, from rare whiskies to obscure gin brands and more. Shopping for spirits on Paneco.com guarantees to satisfy, whether you’re just looking to stock your house for a party or are a serious connoisseur.


2 /5

Alcohol Delivery SG

Alcohol Delivery is at the frontier of straight-to-home booze services in Singapore, priding themselves on a one-hour delivery time. Their latest revamp features over 500 different labels of alcohol, spanning from beer to soju. They’ve also got you covered this party season with full party kits, comprising ice cubs, cups, mixers, and everything else you’ll need for a get-together. Budding mixologists can opt for the cocktail packages, where you get quick video tutorials, ingredients and tools to mix a stellar drink at your home bar.


3 /5

Thirsty Craft Beer Shop

Diehard craft beer geeks can rejoice at Thirsty’s e-shop, which proffers over 60 labels of obscure craft brews. Get 24 bottles and be entitled to free delivery, or opt for their specially curated Thirsty party boxes if you’re throwing  a party. Those treading water in craft beerdom can find solace in their handy taster packs, each with a diverse selection of six beers, spanning IPAs, amber and brown ales, ciders and more.


4 /5


While Cellarbration appears to be your typical one-stop shop for liquor, the e-store offers hidden gems in the variety of spirits available. Think Tougochi and Akashi whisky, Pyrat Cask rum, London No. 1 and more. The site also holds frequent sales, extremely timely for the festive season if you’re catering to a large crowd and don’t want your wallet to self-immolate.


5 /5

Ring To Drink

Have their number on speed dial for any overnight party. Ring To Drink is the only 24-hour alcohol delivery service islandwide, with a snappy delivery time of an hour. The site also offers mixers, munchies, ice and cups — a total saving grace for anyone that’s struggling to replenish their kitchen and bar as the party thunders on.


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