Seek respite from the wine and whisky fairs that have saturated the Singaporean drinking scene all of last week by finding new pleasures in a familiar drink — beer.

We’re talking craft beers, a whole new breed from the usual stock present at your local supermarket. Singapore has seen a growing presence of unique craft expressions from all over the world, encompassing flavoured beer, IPAs, ciders and more.

Don’t regard craft beer as hipster domain; it’s just akin of taking a step up the ladder and splurging on a more luxurious bottle of wine. The best place to start your love affair with the exceptional beverage and to find out your favourites, would be to head to any of the five best craft beer bars the city holds. Just like any liquor, beers can be far more complex in flavour and composition than their mass-market counterparts, so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be given a chance.