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High spirits: Flagship, Quaich Bar, and more new whisky happenings

In this advent of High Spirits, we zoom in on all the new whisky offerings in Singapore — from bars to masterclasses, it’s all in the name of loosening your tie and embracing the classics because sometimes, life is better lived when it’s more like Mad Men.

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The Flagship

Flagship, the edgy sibling to Sugarhall and Jigger & Pony, has decided to swap out its rugged bootstraps for polished brogues with its latest rebranding. Now to be known as the Home of the Old Fashioned, the bar celebrates the classic cocktail with ingenious remastering by Principal Bartender Jerrold Khoo.  Over 200 whiskies will be available behind the bar, marking this a must-visit for budding whisky enthusiasts. It’s not pretentious, we promise.

Flagship is located at 18/20 Bukit Pasoh Road, S089832.

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Laugavulin Releases 200th Anniversary Limited Edition Bottling

Islay’s famed peaty whisky (and Ron Swanson’s choice poison) celebrates its 200th anniversary with a limited edition release of its 25 year-old expression. Mellower than Laugavulin’s younger counterparts, the 25 year-old retains a hint of smoke and its characteristic dryness, offset by rich fruity notes. Only 96 bottles are made available in Singapore at the Johnnie Walker House, priced at $1,820.

For orders, contact Diageo’s private client service: privateclientsg@diageo.com

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UsQuBa Whisky Masterclasses

Traverse five regions of Scotland and sample the distinct flavours of Scottish whisky at UsQuBa’s upcoming whisky masterclasses. Resident whisky sommelier, Fong Chan Teng will educate attendees on the basic distilling process, as well as the unique profiles of each whisky offered — from Ardberg to Dalmore. For more information, see here. 

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Quaich Bar

Any whisky pundit will feel like a kid in a toy store on Christmas morning at Quaich Bar’s second outlet on South Beach, with over 500 varietals of whisky to be unearthed. Whisky beginners need not feel intimidated — Quaich Bar’s introductory offer of four whisky flights at $25 instead of $45 allows anyone to enjoy a premium education of the gentlemen’s drink until the end of October. Just remember to check your love for whisky cocktails at the door.

Quaich Bar is located at One Fullerton Road, #02-03B.

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Ocean 21 At Woo Bar

If your preferred method of whisky enjoyment is to down glasses en masse (slightly sacrilegious, but who’s to judge?), Woo Bar’s latest Ocean 21 parties are your ticket to nirvana. After 7 October, every Friday from 9pm to late, Woo Bar will be offering as much Johnnie Walker Blue Label as you can drink for $25/glass and $450/bottle. We can’t think of a better reason to celebrate the blues.

Woo Bar is located at W Singapore, 21 Ocean Way, S098374.

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