If one could distill the vision that governs the craft of champagne by the House of Krug, it would be this — uncompromising, while continuously evolving. The house has stayed true to its craft methodology since its founding in 1834. Each year, two expressions are created, the Grande Cuvée, a blend, and an annual vintage. The former is characterised as the fullest expression of Krug champagne, while the latter is a unique wine that typifies the circumstances that lead up to its harvest.

Recently, the House of Krug brought forth a celebration of 2004 through two champagnes released in Singapore. Known as Les Créations de 2004, the duo comprises of two stunning wines — the Krug 2004,  and the Grand Cuvée 160ème Èdition — that redefine our preconceived notions of Krug.

krug Les Créations de 2004
The Les Créations de 2004.

After a challenging 2003, the next year proved to yield a generous harvest. The long, crisp winter, coupled with the radiant spring and summer brought for a bountiful harvest of grapes that abounded with character. The subsequent champagnes were full of a citrus-driven luminosity unlike the usual creaminess and hefty acidity associated with Krug.

krug Les Créations de 2004
The Krug 2004.

The Krug 2004 is a blend of 39 percent Chardonnay, 37 percent Pinot Noir and 24 percent Meunier. The delicate, crisp wine has earned the moniker “luminous freshness”, and there’s truly no better way to describe it. On the nose, you get notes of spice and tart citrus, which unfurl into honey, oranges and lemons upon drinking. The finish is long and elegantly luscious.

The Krug Grande Cuvée 160ème Èdition is another star. This edition is the 160th recreation of the storied Grande Cuvée, and the highly limited amount of bottles were composed with 121 wines from 12 different years, each telling a story of the harvest of 2004. The youngest wine is from the highlighted year, while the oldest stems from 1990, and they were matured for 12 years in the cellar.

It is the duty of any discerning champagne drinker to get their hands on the Les Créations de 2004, available in limited quantities.

Krug 2004 and Les Créations de 2004 will be available through MHD Singapore’s private sales channel, and price is available upon request. For private sales, contact Clementine Wee at clementine.wee@mhdsg.com.

Beatrice Bowers
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