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Louis XIII auctions off the L’Odyssée D’un Roi collection for charity

A century is a very long time, and the journey that something like a 100-year old bottle of cognac goes on, is one that has to be appreciated. In its journey, this unique blend from Louis XIII sits in barrels, soaking up the flavour of the wood and gradually evaporates into a concentrated amber liquid. The unmistakable smooth flavour and strong fragrance often embodies hints of fruits, flowers, spices, and chalk.

The making of the decanter – mouth-blown, cut, and wheel-engraved by hand by royal cristallerie Saint-Louis

Inspired by the first shipments of their cognac that happened in the late 1870s, Louis XIII unveils their latest collection L’Odyssée D’un Roi, which emphasises the importance of the journey as much as the destination. In tribute to this launch, craftsmen from various French houses have come together to produce three bespoke trunks and some very, interesting contents.

Intricate crystal decanter and serving glasses, etched with a 19th century map of the continent where it is bound.

This includes not just the hand-stitched trunk by Hermès, but also within, a white gold pipette forged by Puiforcat, and a crystal decanter by Saint-Louis (filled with the house’s oldest cognac to savour and admire, of course). The decanter features a beautifully-etched, 19th-century map that traces the journey of this amber liquid. Over 50 individual master craftsmen devoted over 1,000 hours to produce these unique and intricate designs.

An Hermès master craftsman stitching fine leather for the exquisite trunk.

The trunks will be auctioned off in three different countries over the year — New York in September, Hong Kong in October, and London in November. Preserving tradition runs in the house, so it’s no surprise that the proceeds will go towards The Film Foundation, an international non-profit dedicated to preserving and restoring classic films.