Some believe that the classics should never be tampered with, but in the case of Serge Buss’ eponymous artisanal gins, experiments can break new ground. The Buss No. 509 Author Collection gins are a multi-award winning series of five gins, each delicately accented with fruits and botanicals to form a pastel-perfect array of distinctively flavoured tipples.

Buss Gin

Handcrafted in small batches, each of the gins bear the signature of freshness and purity. Distilled from 100 per cent pure grain, fresh botanicals, herbs and fruits, each Buss Gin is macerated naturally. The five flavours span Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit, Persian Peach, Elderflower and White Rain. While flavoured alcohol tends to garner a bad reputation for being overtly artificial, each Buss Gin is crisp on the palate, with the fruits lending tart, citrusy notes that marry well with the botanicals. Finishing dry, this gin is perfect accompanied with a splash of tonic, elevating your average G&T, or mixes well as a cocktail base.

Launched in Singapore for the first time at Mag’s Wine Kitchen, you’ll get to enjoy The Buss No. 509 Author Collection gins at the restaurant from Monday to Saturday, at 5pm to 7pm, at $12++ per goblet.

Mag’s Wine Kitchen, 86 Circular Road, Singapore 049438 +65 6438 3836,

Beatrice Bowers
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