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Manhattan collaborates with Maker’s Mark to release an exclusive bourbon

Manhattan’s tribute to all-American spirits has been taken to new heights with the announcement of its custom blended bourbon created with Maker’s Mark.

This creation is part of Maker’s Mark’s Private Select series, where new ways of utilising wood to heighten the distillery’s signature bourbon are explored. Manhattan is the first bar in Asia to have this opportunity.

manhattan maker's mark
The Manhattan take on the Maker’s Mark Private Select. (Photo credit: Manhattan)

Its unique bourbon is custom-finished with a selection of ten staves selected by the Manhattan bar and floor staff from a library of over 1,001. The ten are used alongside the five proprietary staves from Maker’s Mark to finish a barrel full of cask strength house whiskey, aged in a limestone warehouse where the temperatures rarely, if ever, drop below 10 degrees Celsius. This results in less waste, as the cool temperatures don’t allow for much evaporation.

Manhattan’s blend elevates Maker’s Mark standard, incorporating notes of toasted oak and spice far more intense than found in the original expression. Hints of honeysuckle, tobacco and chocolate round off the complex profile for this handcrafted whiskey.

Manhattan whiskey embassy
The American Whiskey Embassy. (Photo credit: Manhattan)

“Since its inception in 2014, Manhattan has been the paragon of craft bartending with our well-researched cocktails. Maker’s Mark is an ideal partner for us because it is an iconic American whiskey bourbon that is synonymous with quality and celebrated for its flavour,” said David Nguyen-Luu, Bar Manager of Manhattan. “I’m excited to elevate our spirits program with this exclusive partnership.”

The launch will take place at the bar during a special event on 25 March as part of Manhattan’s American Whiskey Embassy initiative, where likeminded enthusiasts gather to sample an array of bourbons, ryes and American single malts. 240 bottles of this special Private Select have been yielded from the barrel, available for retail at the Regent Hotel for S$288++.

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