Every time you encounter a film, drama or novel starring the ancient Nordic crowd, you’ll find mead. The frothy golden elixir, often mistaken for beer, is what fills the hulking metal jugs Vikings smash during banquets in rowdy halls, so if you ever fantasised going the way of Thor during dinnertime, now is your chance. Mead is finally making a comeback, and its resurgence is trickling into Singapore.

It is purportedly the oldest alcoholic beverage around, with evidence dating the brew back to 7,000 B.C. Its components are simple — honey fermented with yeast and water. Fruits, hops or spices can be added to enhance the flavours, but the primary notes one gets from mead is gleaned from the variety of honey and yeast used, as well as the ageing process.

There’s a staggering amount of different mead varieties specific to countries that span Africa to Poland and many other nations in between, each bearing a different name, ingredient profile and ABV. Still, mead remains the umbrella term for the honeyed beverage that is dangerously easy to enjoy, whether you’re typically a fan of beers and ciders or otherwise.

Meaderies or different brands of mead may not be as ubiquitous in Singapore as craft breweries and beers, but there is a select handful rearing their heads across bars islandwide. Get to know them below, and recognise their names so you can show your support the next time you spot them on a menu or even be spurred to bring some home. Just park your aspirations to be like Thor and toast around the table with minimal force when you get your hands on a bottle. They’re delicate.