The three-ingredient Negroni is a staple drink in any cocktail aficionado’s list.

How popular is the drink exactly? Enough to spur its own annual global celebration, in the form of Negroni Week, that’s how. Unlike previous years, celebrations this year will be held digitally so Negroni cocktail aficionados can still support the cause safely by enjoying a Negroni at home.

Savour some original Negroni concoctions at home

Negroni Week 2020
Chocolate Aged Rum Negroni by Bystrik Uko, Origin Bar (Image credit: Negroni Week)

While some bars are open for operations during Phase 2, Negroni Week isn’t taking any chances. They’re partnering with bartenders around Singapore to deliver some unique renditions of this beloved cocktail for your imbibing, right in the comfort of your home.

The list of participating bars and bartenders is a neat one, including those from the likes of Eduardo Zamora from Smoke & Mirrors, Darren Prasad from Barbary Coast as well as Adrian Besa from MO Bar.

Negroni Week 2020
Savile Row Negroni by Anton Gornev, Anti:Dote (Image credit: Negroni Week)

Other creations diners can look forward to is The Polem Negroni By Dr. Stravinsky, crafted by Tim Rosete from Manhattan, which sees the classic Negroni mixed with a dash of Bergamot Liqueur for a citrus finish.

(Image credit: Negroni Week)

Those who prefer the classic Negroni might set their eyes on the Campari Negroni RTE, a bottled version of the cocktail from Campari themselves. From classic notes of juniper and sweet citrus followed by herbaceous aromas, the Campari Negroni RTE then ends off with a smooth wormwood and bitter root finish.

Campari Negroni RTE is available online here and selected Cold Storage outlets.

Or indulge in a Negroni Bon Bon or two

Negroni Week 2020
(Image credit: Negroni Week)

Campari has also partnered with chocolatier Benns Ethioca to create a special box of Negroni Bon Bons for the celebratory affair.

This limited-edition release comes with two flavours: the classic Negroni and the Negroni Bianco. While the Classic Negroni Chocolate Bon Bon is made with a Campari-infused dark chocolate ganache and Negroni-immersed candied orange peel, the Negroni Bianco Chocolate Bon Bon is filled with a gin and sweet vermouth white chocolate ganache and Campari pate de fruit.

Grab your box here.

Go digital

Keen on learning more about mixology? Campari brand ambassador David Yeung and special guest bartender Ong Jun Han, winner of the Singapore 2019 Campari Bartender Competition, will be hosting a special lesson via Lazada Live.

Giving back to the community

This year, Negroni Week will be joining forces with Majulah Movement, a home-grown initiative that gives back to our local communities affected by the pandemic. 10 percent of the proceeds from each box of bonbons will go into supporting Majulah Movement, and Campari will also pledge a donation of S$1 for every box sold.

“This year took an unexpected turn for us all. One industry close to our hearts that have been significantly affected is hospitality, so it felt fitting that we use the ever-growing reputation and influence that Negroni Week has gathered over the years to help support those that have given so much in the past.”
Marco Cavagnera, Global Channel and Customer Marketing Senior Director, Gruppo Campari.

Negroni Week 2020 runs from 14 to 20 September 2020. For more information about what’s happening during Negroni Week 2020 visit their website here.

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