This is a month packed to the brim with opportunities for you to drink. Right off the bat, there is the DFS Craft Festival taking place for the whole of this month, where all the duty-free stores across the terminals will pay homage to more than 73 brands of craft booze that you can purchase for home or abroad. Highlights include homegrown Tanglin Gin, a selection of craft beers from across the world, and select whiskies that aren’t readily available on the market.

Right in the city centre, there is also the introduction of the new Four Play Mondays at Wine RVLT, a buzzing hub for organic and biodynamic wines along Carpenter Street. Beginning from 5.30pm to 7pm every night, all drink orders come with complimentary snacks from the kitchen. These aren’t your small bowl of salted peanuts or questionably stale chips.

The folks at RVLT have gone all out to ensure that your nibbles are top quality — think toasties topped with cherry tomatoes and ricotta, or parma ham and creamy avocado to go along with an earthy glass of Carignan or Chardonnay. The portions are sized just right, so you can keep going with more food and drink at RVLT, because, well, you should.

To round everything off, there is also a league of new bars around Singapore you should pop by to refresh your booze radar. Read on to find out where they are.