We’ve come to March, the point where the charge of back-to-back festive periods dies off into a lull. It is the month where most of us try to get our bearings to officially start the year, fail, and spend the days looking forward to the next public holiday or long weekend (19 April, we checked).

One good thing about this existential deadlock is the new bars that have sprouted up around the island, particularly in the Duxton area. Since there’s no better way to cure boredom than having a drink, head down to any of the ones on this list.


Idlewild, the latest hotel bar in town, is inspired by the golden age of air travel during the 40s to 60s. This intriguing concept materialises in a cocktail menu that canvasses 10 cities, from Paris to Dublin, created by award-winning bartender Andy Griffiths. It’s one-part glamour, and one-part carefully calibrated flavours that excite even the most seasoned cocktail drinker. Read our full review here.

Mythz & Myths

Former head chef of Tess Bar & Kitchen, Martin Wong, has opened Mythz & Myths, a dual-concept restaurant and bar that is rooted in Nordic flavours and mythology. The bar, Myths, is decorated steampunk style, and houses equally theatrical cocktails to boot. Each is inspired by a mythological backstory, and head bartender Darren Lim has taken great care to create drinks that reflect said tale. If you’re in Mythz for dinner, head to Myths for a cocktail or two.

The Lounge Bar

Jérémy Gillion’s Restaurant Jag now has a fully-realised cocktail concept at The Lounge Bar. Mirroring the restaurant’s dedication to herbs from Savoie, France on its menu, The Lounge Bar will similarly interpret those indigenous botanicals across its six signature cocktails, made with spirits from independent distillers only.

RPM by D.Bespoke

Daiki Kanetaka’s D.Bespoke is a household name in our cocktail landscape. Ranked 32 on the Asia’s 50 Best Bars list last year, this Japanese-style institution now has a younger, more approachable sibling in the form of RPM by D.Bespoke. The concept of the bar seems straight out of a Haruki Murakami novel — a massive vintage vinyl collection heavy with jazz, rock and funk tomes invites guests to pick out their favourite tunes as they imbibe in the equally extensive collection of shochus in house. If flights are not your fancy, there are also a number of sake cocktails on the menu to choose from. Audiophiles and record collectors, definitely mark this new bar as one to visit.

Risky Business

Risky Business is a fresh, 80-seater bar inspired by Tom Cruise. You didn’t read that wrong. The décor and cocktail menu all pay homage to the prolific actor’s filmography without coming across as a gimmick. All the drinks have tongue-in-cheek references to Cruise’s films found in the ingredients. For example, You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling is a spin on the Cosmopolitan made with Ketel One vodka, the spirit that Julianne Moore drank in Magnolia, a film she starred in with the leading actor.

Beatrice Bowers
Features Editor
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