Singapore’s thriving craft beer scene isn’t news to anyone who has walked into a local bar or visited Beerfest Asia at least once. We have a longstanding legacy of homegrown breweries that are major players in Singapore’s beer market as well, with names like Brewerkz, Archipelago, Brewlander and the like coming to mind.

Still, there has been a recent surge of new players in our craft beer industry, each promising to offer brews with a uniquely Singaporean touch. From a resurrected 19th-century brewery to a fledgeling establishment pushing out a national lager, here’s a list of new craft beer makers you should scout a pint from.

Trouble Brewing Singapore

Trouble Brewing Singapore operates on a different frequency from other local craft producers. While they do make beers direct for consumers, they also specialise in bespoke brews for brands. Most establishments with a namesake beer, be it Oxwell & Co., Panamericana, Sofitel Singapore and more, can credit their flagship expressions to the folks behind Trouble Brewing Co. Their stocks are available at over 70 bars and restaurants islandwide, and if you fancy a gander at making your own beer, you can always reach out via their website to suss out their workshops.

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Tuas Brewing Co.

Tuas Brewing Co. is one of the newest entrants into Singapore’s beer scene, but the folks that back it aren’t. Run by the aforementioned Trouble Brewing Co., this brewery recently pushed out its signature beer, the Singapore Lager. Designed as an alternative to mainstream beers you’d find at any watering hole, the Singapore Lager caters the local tastes and the climate. It is crisp, slightly citrusy and goes down easy, with an extra-friendly price-point that doesn’t hinder you from knocking back a few bottles with a deliciously greasy plate of char kway teow. 

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Lion Brewery Co. was conceived in London some 70 years ago, and it purportedly supplied beers across the world during the Victorian times. A tragic fire saw its premises burn down, but the brewery has risen once more in Singapore, where it now calls home. It recently launched with two beers, the Straits Pale Ale and the Island Lager, both aromatic and fresh enough to be chug-worthy in our sweltering city.

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The 1925 Brewing Co.

The 1925 Brewing Co. is steeped in family legacy. Run by two brothers and an uncle, the Mandai-based brewery creates beers that pay homage to the family’s Teochew heritage, and are also made to be paired with food. One of their most popular craft expressions is the chrysanthemum-tasting Liang Teh, which is inspired by the Chinese medicinal remedy and is a dream to cut through spicy food.

Bespoke Brewing Co.

Bespoke Brewing Co. was founded two years ago with the aim of making homebrewed wines accessible to the drinking public, with DIY kits available for sale. It has since branched out into creating its own beer line, the Straits Pint, with two bottlings — the Discovery Light Ale and the Indiana Pale Ale. The brand is also working on new beers, including a golden ale and an IPA, though news as to when that can be available by the bottle have not yet been released.

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