Non-alcoholic spirits have evolved into a legitimate category in the bar industry. As oxymoronic as it sounds, we’ve canvassed the validity of these alcohol-free options before, and the market’s overwhelmingly positive reception towards their rise just proves that no-ABV liquors are here to stay. The brands who have entered this niche so far focus on creating white spirits, most of them mimicking the profile of gin — think of brands like Seedlip, Ceder’s and more. A few have ventured into making booze-free variants of whisky and rum, but one particular brand, Ish Spirits, has created a zero-ABV rum that has bagged serious awards, ramping up the potential of brown no-ABV spirits to be as widely available as their white counterparts.

A closer look at the bottle. (Photo credit: Rumish)

Rumish (pronounced “rum-ish”) mimics the profile of dark Caribbean rums you’d often drink neat or find in cocktails like the daiquiri. It uses two organic ingredients to flavour their rum, Madagascar vanilla and Indonesian nutmeg to infuse the spirit with the characteristic combination of spice and mellow sweetness you’d expect. The all-natural spirit then has most of the alcohol removed, leaving only 0.5 per cent behind. This percentage is still low enough for Rumish to bag the no-alcohol qualification.

Apart from Rumish being a teetotal option for your Painkiller, it is also low enough in calories for you to drink easy. At just six calories per 100ml, and zero grams of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, you’re getting a drink your waistline won’t regret — well, provided you don’t overdose your cocktail recipe with sugary juices in the name of “mixology”.

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Beatrice Bowers
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