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Seedlip announces the world’s first range of non-alcoholic aperitifs

In the past year, non-alcoholic cocktails and spirits have gone from being laughing matters to a beverage category taken extremely seriously. The movement to include those who abstain from alcohol in a setting where booze is served is the prerogative that has driven brands like British-based Seedlip to pioneer non-alcoholic liquors that offer the same complexity a spirit has, sans proof. It has been an incredibly successful venture for the company thus far, as they have recently announced a sister company focused on the world’s first non-alcoholic cocktails, Aecorn Apéritifs.

aecorn aperitifs
Seedlip already suggests recipes to be made with its spirits, but Aecorn Apéritifs’ pre-made cocktails add convenience to the matrix.

Aecorn Apéritifs will launch with three expressions in early 2019. Each is inspired by English herbal tinctures from the 17th century as well as the grand European custom of having a bitter cocktail before a meal. English grapes form the core for the aperitifs, though every unique version is also flavoured with specific botanicals give them a similar profile to its alcoholic counterpart. Aecorn Apéritifs will sell its wares in two formats — 500ml bottles and cases of six.

aecorn aperitifs
Claire Warner and Emma Murphy.

Though Seedlip is the parent company, Aecorn Apéritifs was conceptualised and run by Claire Warner, its current managing director. Also on the team is head of marketing Emma Murphy, formerly the director of London Wine Week.

“Since Seedlip’s launch, the world of non-alcoholic has shown itself to be dynamic and exciting, and we hope that the introduction of Aecorn Apéritifs will additionally help solve the dilemma of what to enjoy with food when you’re not drinking,” said Warner in a press statement.

Though the exact composition of these booze-free aperitifs has yet to be revealed, the fact that one can now enjoy non-alcoholic cocktails in the comfort of your own home without having to make them from scratch is a massive convenience everyone, not just teetotalers, can partake in.

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