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Do we need another Singapore-inspired gin? Soulsister Spirits say yes

At this point, it is safe to say that Singapore’s gin market is a certified thing.

Though small, a handful of names have become flagship distilleries in Singapore, and the buck is not stopping there. New gins often emerge from local distilleries, and on occasion, another label enters the market. This time, it one known as Soulsister Spirits.

The distillery founded by locally-based alcohol distributors, Gain Brands International, has made its debut with a Singapore Edition gin. Riffing on a London Dry, this gin takes the standard botanicals from the recipe and adapts it with the inclusion of Southeast Asian aromatics. This is made in collaboration with Simon Zhao, founder of another local distillery, Compendium, which focuses largely on translating Singapore flavours to spirits.

soulsister spirits gin

The Singapore Edition gin is infused with lemongrass, kaffir lime, galangal, tamarind and cinnamon. These localised botanicals help to create a very floral gin on both the nose and on the palate, tempered by a touch of herb and warm spice. The kaffir lime, especially, mellows due to the gin’s long maceration process, resulting in a very light, breathy dose of spring blossoms when drunk. Definitely the most floral Singaporean gin by far.

soulsister spirits

Certainly not so much light, crisp and junipery, but clean and bodied, this gin is perfect to sip on its own, but better rounded with tonic or soda. To help you create this kit with ease, the brand has also put together a hamper with a quad of Double Dutch tonic water, retailing at S$80.

Apart from being artisanal and local, Soulsister Spirit’s new product is a gin with a social edge. Every bottle is sold for S$69, and 10 percent of proceeds will go to supporting Daughters of Tomorrow, a charity that helps sustain the livelihoods of over 25,000 women from low-income households.

Purchase a bottle here.

All photos credited to Gain Brands.

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