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The CraftBrothers’ curated Australian craft brews will elevate your evenings at home

There’s nothing quite like cracking open a can (or bottle) of cold beer after a long day.

If you’re a fan of the handcrafted type, CraftBrothers has selected some of the best Australian labels that will elevate your otherwise mundane TV-and-dinner experience.

Helmed by an Irishman, a Brit, and an Australian who married to three sisters (and hence the name), the brand does the heavy lifting by sieving out the good craft brewers from the lot — we’re talking over 650 in the booming Australian craft beverage scene today. Fans of these more artisanal options, or those simply wanting to venture out of convenience store offerings, will know how difficult it is to find good craft beers in the country.

After all, less than two percent are exported out of Australia, and as many as 65 percent of independent brewers stay hyper-local and don’t venture out of the rural outskirts that they’re based in. This collaborative initiative isn’t just good news for aficionados of these sophisticated brews; it also helps lesser-known artisans break out of the city and region.

“Whilst we all have our own individual palate and preferences, finding a quality craft beer is all about the adventure. We want to empower beer drinkers in Singapore in their quest to discover and access true craft beverages from regional Australia, while also helping the Australian producers to identify and develop new markets,” said Kenny Hau, co-founder of CraftBrothers.

Besides, this intimate relationship also allows the CraftBrothers access to the freshest beer available, with some being shipped here within days of being bottled.

With three foundation partners under their belt — Shedshaker Brewing, Bootleg Booch, and Bright Brewery — and 10 different labels, there’ll be plenty to explore. Shedshaker Brewing is a small-batch craft beer that’s surprisingly well-suited for Singaporean dishes like laksa and chilli crab.

(Image credit: Bright Brewery)

Meanwhile, Bright Brewery takes advantage of the snow-fed water of the Ovens River in the town of Bright, just outside the brewery. The low food-mile project also uses hops harvested just 10 minutes down the road, and the majority of its malt hails from Victoria, making this a sustainable option for those trying to mind their carbon footprint.

(Image credit: CraftBrothers)

Of the lot, however, Bootleg Booch remains to the most exciting, especially on a hot afternoon. The organic alcoholic kombucha is a refreshing take on the probiotic-rich beverage that’s been taking the world by storm. Besides being lower in sugar than other boozy options like cider, these are also a dream for those going gluten-free. Expect fruity flavours like passionfruit and pink apple.

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