Bring up the words “Scotch whisky” and chances are you’ll land on the topic of Johnnie Walker and stay there. With almost two centuries of whisky blending experience, the world’s most recognised man on the bottle is now more than an icon in the industry. Many have heard about the exceptional blends in the portfolio, and this includes the famous Johnnie Walker colours, most notably the Johnnie Walker Black Label and Blue Label. 

Yet there’s so much more that defines each blend than its colour. Each is a unique amalgamation of whiskies from all corners of Scotland, carefully put together by Master Blenders with decades of experience before being deemed worthy enough of their ‘colour’. The highly sought-after Johnnie Walker Blue Label, for example, is without fail rich, smooth and alluringly complex, while the Gold Label really accentuates the luxury in blended Scotch whisky.

Each a legend in their own right, we break down the profiles of Johnnie Walker’s most prestigious ‘colours’.