At the rate The Macallan is going, 2018 very clearly seems to be its year. Their plan to invest S$210,000 in their global marketing efforts across the last twelve months has led to the 194-year-old Speyside whisky makers redefining the experience of appreciating Scotch in more ways than one. First with the opening of its new state-of-the-art distillery in Craigellachie, then with the release of its seventh Masters of Photography whisky sold in conjunction with a book compiling the works of six renowned Magnum photographers, and now with the debut of their private jet and yacht tasting experience.

the macallan private jet and yacht
The Macallan jet.

Partakers begin their journey at New Jersey’s Teterboro airport, where a The Macallan-branded private jet flies bound for Miami. Passengers will have a flight with expressions from the Master series, each paired with a dish prepared by a chef on-board. Whiskies include The Macallan M, The Macallan Rare Cask, and more, with the option to customise more, less or specific whiskies to sample.
Once in Florida, passengers are transported to a private jet that will take them to Miami, with more Scotch available during the journey, naturally.

the macallan private jet and yacht
Amenities in-flight are also branded with The Macallan symbol.

The trip is not just an over-indulgent avenue to drink whisky either. The Macallan brings an educational element to the table as Raquel Raies, the US National Brand Ambassador, will also be there throughout the experience to offer nuggets of information about what participants are tasting, as well as the opportunity to pick her brains about the brand in general.
To embark on this Scotch-fuelled trip of a lifetime, interested parties must enquire a week in advance with themacallan@monarchairgroup. Trips will run from December 2018 to March 2019, with prices beginning at S$63,240, subject to increase depending on the whiskies of choice and the number of guests.
The Macallan’s foray into merging luxury travel and alcohol tasting comes right at the heels of other similar opportunities spearheaded by producers like Brewdog, who announced their own craft beer airlines earlier this month. The combination of alcohol and transportation might not be a foreign concept to most (think booze cruises, train trails through wine countries and the like) but these labels are hailing the wave of once-in-a-lifetime experiences that prove far more unique.

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