The Old Man Singapore received stellar reviews when it first opened on our shores last year.

As the international outpost of The Old Man Hong Kong, The Old Man Singapore has earned a name for itself as well, garnering a spot of its own on Asia’s 50 Best Bars.

While its V1 menu saw drinks with gruyere cheese and pandan yoghurt, this year’s refreshed V2 menu finds itself tampering with the likes of sweet potatoes and carrots for even more adventurous experimentation that promises a fascinating night unlike any other. Read on for the full review.

Out with the old? Not just yet

The Old Man Singapore
Islands In The Stream. (Photo credit: The Old Man Singapore)

Those still hankering for some of The Old Man’s V1 menu don’t have to fret: they’ve kept some of their bestsellers like Islands In The Stream, Death in the Afternoon, and the Clear Old Fashioned around.

One might find a sense of familiarity in a twist on the classic G&T with Islands In The Stream, but here’s where the cocktail comfort should end. After all, we’re here to push our boundaries with new concoctions — and the V2 menu delivers in all aspects.

All the new tricks

Hills Like White Elephants

the old man singapore v2
Hills Like White Elephants (Image credit: The Old Man Singapore)

Hemmingway’s white elephants may have referenced the graceful mammal to a responsibility too much to bear, but this silky libation is anything but burdensome. The polished concoction is a beautiful balance of honey mead riesling and salted fino sherry, which, when coupled with the bamboo shoot sous-vide americano bianco, creates an appetising tart-like aftertaste that sets the mood for a long evening of cocktails to come.

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

the old man singapore v2
A Clean, Well-Lighted Place (Image credit: The Old Man Singapore)

The drinks then start to get a little funky. A Clean, Well-Lighted Place is a polarising blend of roasted sweet potato infused with wild turkey rye whisky, eggplant ink, smoked pandan vermouth and raspberry vinegar soda. The mildly sour and oddly addictive tipple gave way to a creamy, malty aftertaste that truly left us hankering for more.

Winner Takes Nothing

the old man singapore v2
Winner Takes Nothing (Image credit: The Old Man Singapore)

Think of Winner Takes Nothing as a love letter to all carrot haters out there. The refreshing blend of campari, baby carrot sous-vide suze, tarragon, blackened carrot bug and soda toned down the usual grassy notes you’d normally expect from the vegetable. Instead, it’s replaced with a slightly bitter tinge that leaves a beautifully dry sweetness at the end.

A Movable Feast

the old man singapore v2
A Moveable Feast (Image credit: The Old Man Singapore)

Transport yourselves from Keong Siak Street to the waters down under with A Movable Feast. This spin-off of the Bloody Caesar encapsulates the ocean with a spicy blend of Rotovap seawater and fresh clams, which, when coupled with the clear spice cherry tomato, creates a well-balanced, full-bodied libation that tickles the sides of your tastebuds. For the ultimate taste of the sea, take a bite of the oyster leaf just before your sip.

To Have and Have Not

the old man singapore v2
To Have and Have Not (Image credit: The Old Man Singapore)

This is bartender Kaus’ pick from the menu. To Have and Have Not is an elevated rum and coke that was reminiscent of a sweet ice-cream soda. The lovechild between a blackened oat Appleton rum and clarified coke, the drink is then topped with creamy vanilla foam and a smattering of metallic lime dust for a delightfully piquant end to the night.

The Old Man Singapore
55 Keong Saik Rd., #01-04, Singapore 089158
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