Of the 1,240 whiskies contending for the top position in “Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2017“, one obscure American whiskey cinched the prize, usurping Yamazaki’s stronghold for the past two years. Booker’s Rye is part of Beam Suntory’s portfolio, and the win a veritable cherry on top for the spirits company’s extensive whisky offerings.

The 13 year old expression is the first rye whiskey from Booker’s, and is described as a “staggering example of a magnificent rye showing exactly what genius in terms of whisky actually means”. Coded praise aside, Booker’s Rye’s has notes of wood and oak, slightly smoky from an extended ageing process. The uncut rye used to make the spirit lends it a spicy, robust flavour, best enjoyed on the rocks or neat. A bottle is priced at US$300 (S$415), with a hefty ABV of 68.1% — a punch for both your wallet and liver. With the World Whisky of the Year accolade, it could be very well worth it.

Beatrice Bowers
Features Editor
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