No one becomes a wine expert overnight. That person you saw at the dinner one time who droned on about the nuances between a Bordeaux and a Burgundy, and kept referring to something called a “terroir” with an affected French accent didn’t get there overnight either. It was either education, or watching Sour Grapes on Netflix once. Don’t be like that guy, but don’t let cluelessness exclude you completely from the conversation.

Wine tasting and appreciation is as complex a sensory science as the viticulture that goes behind making the liquid. Viticulture itself is an actual degree one can pursue in global universities, but we’re going to place bets that said person at the dinner party never went that far. Nor should you have to, if you just intend to be a casual drinker. Quite frankly, most of us with an inclination to sign up for wine tasting classes are just there to either pursue an interest, or sound less like a fool in social situations. At the very least, signing up for a session will guarantee you can pronounce wine types properly. It’s sau-vee-nyon, not sao-vig-non.

Practical learning is the most effective way you can broaden your vino vocabulary. Here are some of the best places in Singapore where you can learn about the craft behind the refined beverage through wine tasting.