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What to order this week from Zouk, Manhattan and Dolcetto

Welcome back to a city where dining out remains a possibility again — with socially responsible habits, of course.

As Singapore finally moves into Phase 2, the reopening of restaurants and being able to dine-in is a luxury we never thought we’d see the light of anytime soon.

Though many of the establishments we’ve been supporting can use this period as a chance to recuperate, takeout and delivery very much will be in place until the pandemic ends. Just because you can dine out doesn’t mean you should ditch supporting businesses via these other channels, especially since some will not reopen just yet.

We round up some establishments to support as we spotlight what to order this week.

Zouk Assam Guava cocktail

Zouk cocktails
Photo credit: Zouk

As a nightclub, Zouk remains one of the few unable to reopen in Phase 2. To tide themselves over, it has branched into merchandise, takeaways and deliveries, with the latest to enter its storefront being Singapore-inspired bottled cocktails. There are three flavours, each sold in 500ml bottles (S$54 each) — milo gao, teh peng, and asam guava. Of the nostalgic lot, asam guava is the crowd-pleaser, a sweet and sour tropical pour that you’d reach for at 12 in the afternoon.

Order here.

Gaia by Manhattan

Belvedere vodka
Photo credit: Belvedere

Renowned vodka label, Belvedere, launched its #CheersWithBelvedere series during the current isolation stretch, collaborating with local bars to create and sell cocktails with its vodka as the star. The label has worked with Manhattan to produce Gaia (S$22.43), where lemon juice and Belvedere Smogory Forest vodka dance with vermouth to crisp, citrusy ends.

Order here.

La Sfogliata Al Caramello by Dolcetto

Photo credit: Lifestyle Asia

Move over croissants and pain au chocolat. There’s an impressive new contender in town and it’s the La Sfogliata Al Caramello ($18) by Executive Pastry Chef Alex Chong over at Regent Singapore’s Dolcetto

It’s a salted milk chocolate brioche feilletee shaped to form a ring of eight equal parts each in the form of a giant teardrop. It’s the result of three days of work; the first to mix the dough, ferment and freeze; the second to fold, rest and shape; and the third, to proof and bake.

The result? A masterpiece of 81 layers that’s the right spot between buttery-savoury, creamy and sweet. The hazelnuts add a delicious crunch to an otherwise already perfect ensemble.

Order here.