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Singapore’s restaurants unite to save the planet with the F&B Sustainability Council

The dining scene in Singapore is a competitive one. Where new restaurants open, others close. Yet there’s a new initiative in town where some of the biggest F&B groups are putting aside their differences for a common cause: to save the planet.

At a time when Australia burns and the Polar ice caps are melting, The Loco Group has founded the F&B Sustainability Council — the first such organisation in Singapore geared towards planet-friendly alternatives and solutions to an otherwise wasteful industry. The key here is in learning from other groups and sharing knowledge rather than keeping it to themselves.

F&B Sustainability Council
Beef fat butter is made from beef tallow rendered from steak trimmings. (Image credit: The Black Swan)

This council at the time of founding consists of 11 of Singapore’s most important F&B groups with Spa Esprit, Lo & Behold, The Cicheti Group, and Grand Hyatt Singapore as part of the fold. It will serve as a platform for members to pool resources, share the best sustainability practices as well as their individual progress.

Will Leonard, General Manager of The Loco Group. (Image credit: The Loco Group)

“The idea came when we found ourselves facing several stumbling blocks when trying to find ways to operate as sustainably as possible,” said Will Leonard, General Manager of The Loco Group. “We realised that for a small-medium restaurant business like ours to be able to create the most positive sustainability impact, we had to band together with other similar businesses who share in our passion.”

Smaller F&B businesses will be able to benefit from a single authority on sustainable knowledge and gain support for solutions that might be too expensive or complex for them to navigate on their own.

F&B Sustainability Council
Chef Oliver Truesdale-Jutras from Open Farm Community (Image credit: Open Farm Community)

Restaurants like Open Farm Community already have areas of expertise to share. “We have been operating on a few initiatives including composting and recycling, hence we will be able to share our key learnings with F&B businesses that wish to implement sustainability initiatives in their restaurants,” said Chef Oliver Truesdale-Jutras.

Andrew Ing, Chief Operating Officer of The Lo & Behold Group concludes: “As a collective, it’s easier to navigate these challenges and help develop our sustainability culture. It starts with encouraging greater involvement and accountability from businesses, and we hope this sparks greater conversation and inspires more individuals to take action and driving change throughout the industry.”

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