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4 reasons why the Bentley Flying Spur Design Series is worth your money

Bentley’s Bentayga has been getting a lot of love by Mulliner, especially with the Falconry version launched last May, so it was about time the Flying Spur got some attention too. Called the Flying Spur Design Series, this limited edition range will definitely see Bentley’s gilded clientele writing fat cheques to the Crewe-based manufacturer.

The Linley Hamper takes picnic outings to the next level.

Mulliner is not known for saying “no” to its customers, after all, its world revolves around perfecting the art of bespoke craftsmanship, if it hasn’t already done so. The possibilities are pretty much endless: If you fancy eating in the wild outdoors, the Linley Hamper (pictured above) has luxury crockery, champagne compartments and crystal flutes waiting at your service. Then there are the diamond-quilted embroidered seats, tinted Flying B badges, and exquisite marquetry that put even the most skilled craftsmen to the test.

Every Flying Spur takes more than 130 hours to build, and its crisp lines and dynamic roofline has been capturing second looks for years now. So when Mulliner released the Flying Spur Design Series, it came as no surprise that some of the car’s best-loved design elements were placed in the spotlight, taking the luxury sedan’s sleek aesthetic to a whole new level.

Available through the Flying Spur range, including the V8, W12, V8 S, and W12 S models, here are 4 reasons why you need to shell out that cash for one now.


It's limited edition

There are tons of Flying Spurs out there, and while any Bentley will make people gawk, how are you going to differentiate yours from the rest? The Design Series is limited to 100 examples, which pretty much narrows down the chances you’re parked next to the exact same one — by a considerable margin.

Five colour splits

Mulliner is great at making even the littlest things count, so it has come up with five colours that accent some of the most exquisite details the Flying Spur is famous for. Choose from Mandarin, Pillar Box Red, White, Kingfisher and Azure Purple — chosen specifically by the dedicated coach building team — to highlight the grille, side vents, window surrounds and interiors of the car.

New technical finish

What was once solely reserved for the aviation industry will now be applied to these Bentleys. The special titanium-enriched carbon fibre blend runs along the fascia panels and waist rails of these Flying Spurs.

A Mulliner welcome

Ever get that warm, fuzzy feeling when your dog wags its tail when it sees you? These Flying Spurs will evoke the same sentiment, only it flashes the word “Mulliner” onto the ground via LED Welcome Lamps when you approach, so everyone knows this isn’t any run-off-the-mill Bentley — if there even was such a thing. Pictured here is a projection of the iconic Bentley Wings.

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