Let’s start by admitting that coupés are a mile cooler than sedans or SUVs. The two-door equivalent of their stablemates might be smaller — and sometimes less powerful — but they’ll always warrant a second look for their sporty disposition. They’re also known for having better handling, and as such they’re infinitely more fun to drive, unless your thing is to rough it out in a proper jungle.

Because of this, coupés are also sometimes more competitively priced (which isn’t saying lot in Singapore). For first time car owners, buying a luxury coupé might be a dream that seems out of reach. For one, they’re not the most practical option out there — count yourself lucky if you can comfortably fit a normal-sized adult at the back of one of these. Then there’s the question of having enough boot space (or lack thereof) for all your road-tripping needs.

Yet these zippy coupés have remained a favourite amongst gearheads for a long time. Obviously, buying a luxury coupé is more an emotional decision than a utilitarian one. However, if your primeval senses and desire for lesser doors have gotten the better of you, we’ve selected five of the best that are under S$250,000.