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Car options: 5 over-the-top ones you should consider

If one day your good ol’ Rolls-Royce or Ferrari just doesn’t cut it anymore, you’ll take solace in knowing that there are car options out there that will give your car the refresh it needs.

Carmakers — especially those in the upper echelon — know that their clients are anything but ordinary, and so package all kinds of factory options so they can upgrade their basic cars into something truly unique and extraordinary. From an unpainted paint job that costs half a million dollars, to a star-lit ceiling and exclusive matching luggage, these five car options certainly give you more bragging rights than you already have.

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Ferrari carbon-fibre cupholder: S$5,100

You never truly appreciate a cupholder until you’re forced to juggle between your morning Starbucks, the steering wheel and the gear stick in your F12 Berlinetta. So for S$5,100, you get a grand total of one cupholder nestled between the seats. And made in carbon fibre too, because nobody wants a cheap plastic-looking one ruining the dashing leather-swathed interiors of their Prancing Horse.

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Rolls-Royce Starlight headliner: up to S$21,200

We know it’s hard to get excited about the ceiling of a car but Rolls-Royce has really upped the cabin experience game for everyone here. Available on the Ghost sedan and Wraith and Phantom coupe, the glitzy headliner is made of 800 to 1,600 optic nodes, each hand-placed in little holes pierced through the leather headliner. This option is entirely bespoke, so you can request for your “stars” to be placed in the same position of the constellations on a particularly special date. A great touch of class especially when you’re living in light-polluted cities that mask the real deal.

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Custom Louis Vuitton Luggage for BMW i8: S$28,600

The i8 is adored for a lot of things (swanky design, energy efficiency, impressive performance) but luggage space isn’t one of them. Thankfully, Louis Vuitton is here to save your roadtripping fantasies with a specially designed four-piece set. Crafted from exclusive carbon black chequered Damier pattern leather, the whole set — comprised of two travel bags, a business case and garment bag — is designed to fit perfectly into the i8’s interior and trunk. However, unless you pack light, you won’t be going away for more than a weekend with just these few bags.

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Mulliner Tourbillon clock by Breitling: S$245,000

Sat snugly within its 28mm case and fashioned with 18K gold — your choice of either rose or white — Breitling’s Mulliner Tourbillon is just the instrument you need when counting away the impatient minutes at traffic light stops whilst in your Bentley. Never mind that in most countries, this clock is more expensive than the base Bentayga model. Beneath its mother-of-pearl or black ebony dial and eight substantial diamonds lies one of the most complex mechanical watch movement ever created: the tourbillon. Because it’s fixed on a dashboard, Bentley has built a dedicated mechanical drive mechanism to periodically wind its mainspring for precise timekeeping. For the price, we think this clock should come with its own personal airbag too.

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Bugatti Veyron carbon finish: S$432,000

It might not seem logical that you’re paying almost half a million more for an unpainted car, but the automotive world works in mysterious ways. However, the Veyron owes its outrageous performance figures (recall: 1,200hp, acceleration to 100kph in 2.5 seconds, top speed of 415kph) not only to its 16-cylinder monster engine but its lightweight carbon fibre monocoque, so it’s fairly reasonable you show it off.

Car options: 5 over-the-top ones you should consider

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