No conversations about hatchbacks are complete without a mention of the Volkswagen Golf. No surprise, because the Golf has always been the king of this segment. Even if you didn’t own one, you probably know someone who does. It’s almost become a reference point in the world of hatchbacks.

Much like the Porsche 911, it’s evolved remarkably over time — we’re talking decades here — without losing so much as a tinge of personality, and therein lay its charm. The names Mk1, GTI, R and R32 are motoring legends, with posters lining bedroom walls all over the world. Now, seven generations later, the Volkswagen Golf is back.

A hatchback for grownups, beautifully put together and contemporarily designed, the Volkswagen Golf has always felt more expensive than it actually is, which sets it apart from its competitors. From the sound the doors make when you close them to the weightiness of the steering wheel in your hands as you glide the front-wheel drive through a sweeping bend, the experience makes you fall in love with it over and over again.

Throughout the years, the Golf has come in a number of different body shapes. There’s been three-doors, five-doors, cabriolets, wagons and an MPV.  The Golf has even been called the Rabbit and the Caribe. But its only constant is that it hasn’t stopped evolving over the years. Fresh off the launch today, here’s what you can expect from Volkswagen’s latest evolution.