Sure, you know your Ferraris from your Lamborghinis, and you can name throw “Corvette” and “911 GT2 RS” like nobody’s business. For many, these immediately conjure up visions of posters once hung up messily on bedroom walls, and nostalgia cocoons them like a warm, fuzzy blanket. However, under the familiar first layer of automotive topsoil lies small, independent and more courageous companies that work tirelessly in creating insane vehicles that don’t often get the attention they deserve.

For any car buff, these are the words that bring to mind reckless speed, devil-may-care attitude, and incredible feats of engineering. You can’t call yourself a true gearhead unless you have a couple of these lesser-known car brands to call out at your conversations with true purists. After all, these brands have legacies that not only go way back but has also inspired hundreds of carmakers — new and old — to push the limits of automobile manufacturing. Just look at Apollo’s newly launched and very ludicrous Intensa Emozione supercar.

From greats such as TVR and Noble to upcoming legends like Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus and the newly-ressurected Apollo, here are some of the lesser-known car brands to add to your name-throwing arsenal now.